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About Us


About Us


Company History

CITYBUL Real Estate Agency was established in 1997 by Zlatko Dimitrov, its main activity - property sales. Over the years, our company has expanded its operations, taking into account the rapidly growing market. At present, the agency works in several different market segments - property management, consulting and sales of appartments, buildings, offices, land... Our agents work both in Sofia and throughout the whole country. We have built a strong and united team consisting of young, ambitious and creative people with the required qualifications. When in 1997 Zlatko Dimitrov established our company, he started a new project for the time - Property Management. Today, decades later, we are already managing hundreds of properties, and people trusting us become more and more. Until 2005 CITYBUL was the only company on the Bulgarian market offering that type of service. The subsequent competition only made us better and strengthened our leading role in the sector. We are proud to offer the best conditions and give our owners the most reliable guarantees.



In Bulgaria, business rarely considers itself as a mission-embracing entity. But we at CITYBUL do have such a claim. Throughout its multi-year experience on the real estate market, the company has always been guided by the interests of its clients. We accept their trust as a huge responsibility. To bear it, to have high professional ethics could be sometimes a serious challenge, which tests the values ​​and morals of a person. But this is also the first requirement for every new employee when joining our team. Because our mission is to gain trust. Avd trust is hard to win, easy to lose. That is why we put our client's interest first, knowing that our success is directly related to it. And we pursue that success. Day in and day out.



Eversince our agency has been found in the 1990s by Mr. Zlatko Dimitrov, we have always acted with a future-oriented outlook. We know a successful business could not be built overnight, for it is necessary to pursue your goals persistently. That's why we never sacrifice our long-term vision for short-term profits. We rely on innovation, patiently realizing it and working hard to stand out from the competition. With such a mindset, we started the Property Management department of CITYBUL as a long-term project. We have been developing it for years, making consistent efforts, and believing that satisfied customers will inevitably expand our business. Today, as a leader in this market, we are more than confident about the validity of our business model. We employ the same approach to our trustee representation service. We want to succeed where others fail. We place our clients' interests first, even if it prolongs the time needed to close the deal. Because we are not for the short term! We are here to stay... The trust we earn ensures that!


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